A Golden Destiny

Alchemical Author, Sophia Maya, Unveils a Legacy of Magic

Sophia Maya is an emerging author who is currently working on her first novel, The Winter Codex. She is also a magician hiding in plain sight, disguised as a middle-aged, suburban housewife. Lately, she’s realized that being an author is a less conspicuous cover than being a housewife, hence the recent shift in profession. There are many perks to being a housewife, however, including the option to hermit oneself away almost indefinitely. 

When Ms. Maya isn’t busy attempting to master the domestic arts, she can be found communing with the spirits of nature, dancing with wild abandon, waxing philosophical, waning social, transmuting lead into gold, and, of course, writing. Ms. Maya’s favorite mystical pursuit is word magic, but she also has an affinity for working with plants and is well-versed in kitchen magic. Furthermore, she has a respectable home apothecary and adamantly avoids the antagonistic spirits commonly known as synthetic chemicals. Besides words and plants, her magical allies include rocks, water, fire, wind, animals (especially her husband), stars (especially our sun), and metal (especially gold).

A nervous breakdown at the age of eighteen led her astray from her intended path as a psychologist. Some have said that she’s been lost in the woods ever since, but little do they know that she has been actively pursuing her destiny in those woods. She contends that her true calling as a magical mapmaker is similar to being a psychologist, only better. As for her area of specialization, Ms. Maya is most interested in maps which emerge in the form of stories. After completing The Winter Codex, she intends to further map out the magical woods with three additional novels. Once she has written all four books in that series, well let’s just say the trees are whispering rumors of another series to follow.

Speaking of rumors, it has been speculated in certain magical circles that Sophia Maya has cracked the code of immortality. For her part, Ms. Maya declines to comment and requests that no inquiries on the matter be sent her way. She does, however, welcome (benevolent) contact in the form of sympathetic literary agents, powerful publishing companies, and magical readers, like you.

The Great Year Series

Magical Legacies

The Four Seasons of Magic descend upon the lives of four ordinary humans. Drawn together by a shared magical legacy, together they will learn to develop their powers and fulfill their destinies.

The Cycles of Time

Repeating patterns reveal hidden wisdom as the Four Seasons of Magic unite to form a new magical year, a vast period of time referred to since antiquity as the Great Year.

The Power of Books

Books are living beings. The written word conveys magic from author to reader, like DNA conveys destiny from ancestor to descendant.

The Winter Codex

Book One of Four in The Great Year Series

Kat Webster isn’t a loser exactly, but she certainly isn’t a winner. Her outstanding artistic talent could translate into a lucrative career, but instead she’s working as a barista. Her good looks haven’t helped her either. Being beautiful may be nice, but she still hasn’t managed to attract the man of her dreams. Worse yet, when it comes to men, Kat has a weakness for losers. There’s just something about rejects that Kat can’t resist. She always seeks treasure in the trash, and not just metaphorically.

Even so, when Kat rescues a strange book from the garbage, she doesn’t expect it has any worldly value. All she knows is that it looks old, is written in a language that probably doesn’t exist, and she’s completely thrilled she found it. To her it’s a gem. Not only is it fascinating and mysterious, it’s also a remarkable source of artistic inspiration. What she doesn’t know, however, is that her latest discovery is actually a coveted antique worth millions of dollars and rumored to possess magical properties. 

Will Kat’s growing affinity for this extraordinary manuscript lead her to awaken her latent magical abilities? Even if she does unleash her magic, it might be too little too late. Dangerous collectors are hunting the codex and they’re rapidly closing in on her. Maybe she’ll forfeit magic in exchange for safety, or maybe, she’ll fulfill her destiny. Either way, the secrets the Winter Codex reveals will radically alter Kat’s trajectory, because once magic opens her eyes, she can never stop seeing the hidden nature of reality.