A Golden Destiny

Alchemical Author, Sophia Maya, Unveils a Legacy of Magic

Sophia Maya is an emerging author who has recently completed The Winter Codex, book one of four in The Great Year Series. Prior to becoming an author, Ms. Maya was a magician, hiding in plain sight, disguised as a middle-aged, suburban housewife.

While Ms. Maya had hoped to hermit herself away indefinitely, destiny pressed upon her the need to slowly unveil a legacy of magic. To that end she is committed to completing The Great Year Series and has begun work on the remaining three novels: The Birth of Spring, The Summer Sorceress, and The Autumn Leaves. Once she has written the entire series, well, let's just say the trees are whispering rumors of an origin series to follow.

Speaking of rumors, it has been speculated in certain magical circles that Sophia Maya has cracked the code of immortality. For her part, Ms. Maya declines to comment and requests that no inquiries on that matter be sent her way. She does, however, welcome benevolent contact in the form of sympathetic literary agents, powerful publishing companies, and magical readers like you.

The Great Year Series

The Cycles of Time

Repeating patterns reveal hidden wisdom as the Four Seasons of Magic form a new magical year, a vast period of time referred to since antiquity as the Great Year.

The Power of Words

Books are living beings. The written word conveys magic from author to reader, like DNA conveys destiny from ancestor to descendant.

The Keys of Destiny

The Four Seasons of Magic descend upon the lives of four ordinary humans. Drawn together by a shared magical legacy, together they will learn to develop their powers and fulfill their destinies.

The Winter Codex

Book One of Four in The Great Year Series

Jess Webster has one simple mantra: breathe. Just breathe. It's not an ambitious intention, but ambition is hard to come by since she's plagued with crushing panic attacks which could strike at any moment. Getting by is good enough.

And yet, it's not. Because just getting by means giving up on her dreams. No sizzling romance. No satisfying career. Just managing the mess and practicing acceptance. This is what Jess does best. Yoga? Yes. Crystals? Check. Meditation? Vitally necessary. Add in some herbs and the loyal support of her best friend, Quinn, and Jess is solidly okay. Most of the time. On most days.

Then one day, a seemingly ordinary moment reveals something extraordinary, and the story of her life is forever changed. Maybe she can fall in love with the right man. Maybe she will turn her beautiful art into a brilliant career. Maybe there is more to life than constantly reminding herself to breathe. And maybe, just maybe, magic really does exist.

In fact, the magic Jess craves might even be within reach, but with magic comes danger and secrets too. Can panic prone Jess find the courage she needs to face both her past and her future? And what does a discarded, old book have to do with any of this?

The answers may be hidden, but one thing is definitely clear. There's magic in the trash, but destiny is what you do with it.